The hosting of GSRTC Website is symbolic of its community orientation. GSRTC has reached out to the people of Gujarat in the most comprehensive and determined manner. “ST” has become a household word, cutting across economic, educational, ethnic and other distinctions. While there are several positive elements in the brandequity built over the years, there are such areas for improvement as product standard. The state government is aware of the developmental compulsions or the policy constraints within which GSRTC has operated so far. GSRTC belongs to the top league of state-level road transport corporations in India in such terms as Fleet utilization, utilization of diesel per kilometer and tyre/spare part replacement cost. It is heartening that the GSRTC management has mounted several new initiatives to upgrade its working. My vision of GSRTC is a role-model not merely in terms of a few selected parameters but in the total sense of customer-focus, societal commitment and financial performance for similar corporations across India. The state government wishes to extend its utmost support in the pursuit of this vision.